dimanche 13 août 2017


We're glad to present our first release called Lost Piano riddim. This one riddim was born from our different experiences and meetings. Maximum respect to all who are involved in the project, thx to the big man Jf Postman, and Damas Homboy for the artwork.
Check out the full line up !!!

   - Alozade : What A Revolution

- Fabigeez : Food Pon Plate

- G Mac : Ghetto Struggle

- Gappy Ranks : Peace And Joy (Remix)

- Jah Rain : Overcome 

- Jigsy King : Ganja Mi Want Inna Mi Head

- Kozmik Consciousnez : Spiritual Enlightment

- Lyncs : Ruler Of The Kingdom

- Mc Fizzle : Shred And Lost

- Ras Akkurate : Lead Out

- Razie B : It's Just The Weed

- Slash : Hate Me For

- Torch : Be Careful A People

- XT : Say What You Wanna Say

Available here : https://izaboosound.bandcamp.com/releases

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